Discover the 3 Coolest Mould King Star Wars Sets

Star Wars is one of the greatest, lore-rich franchises we’d ever enjoy watching. Naturally, we get so immersed that we want to recreate the famous pieces for our very own. Mould King Star Wars Sets are bringing our favorite spacecraft and vehicles from the franchise in challenging building sets.

What are these Wars Sets?

Mould King has quickly broken ground as an excellent alternative to Lego, dedicated to offering more challenging, astounding building sets devoted to our favorite franchises.

Nothing falls short in Mould Kings Star Wars Sets. The available collections feature all the starships, vehicles, and favorite parts of the universe presented extraordinarily. Every set is fantastic, but some are so cool that they need recognition.

What are the 3 Coolest Mould King Star Wars Sets?

Discover the three most terrific Mould King Star Wars sets out of the bunch below.

1. The Sandcrawler

The Mould King Star Wars Sandcrawler is a mobile fortress of the nomadic Jawa clans you may have seen throughout the movies. Now, these colossal vehicles are available as structures from Mould King. You can build your very own replica of the machine and bring the intriguing traveling lifestyle of the Jawas to life, but that’s not all about what makes this piece cool.

The detailed set highlights every detail of the Sandcrawler, providing an immersive way to recreate this magnificent vehicle. It’s nearly a meter long and 70cm in height. 

It is one of the enormous replicas of the Jawas hearth and available home. The icing on the cake? It has a remote control and a motorized engine to drive it around.

2. Mould King Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon is arguably the most identifiable spacecraft from the Star Wars universe. It’s one of the preferred choices for replica collections. It always provides a thrilling challenge when recreating one in a building set. However, you’ve never quite seen Han Solo’s famed ship in such a remarkable stature. You don’t get much cooler than this.

The Millennium Falcon is one of the most outstanding buildings set replicas of the spacecraft available. There are over 12’500 pieces to construct that put every detail of the ship together. That includes all the gadgets like weaponry and engines. It’s unquestionably one of the most amazing Millennium Falcon sets around.

3. Mould King Star Destroyer

Whenever you see a Star Destroyer, don’t you get the sound of the Imperial March ringing through your ears? Not only is the spaceship symbolic of the Star Wars universe, but it’s also a master craft of intergalactic engineering. Naturally, we’d love the challenge of building our very own Star Destroyers to add to our Star Wars building set collections.

But why is the Mould King Star Dreadnought so cool? It’s because you’ve never seen one that meets the significant presence of the ship than this set. The intricately detailed spaceship is nearly 120cm in length and 40cm in height. Completing this piece will make an impressive addition to your Imperial Fleet. Let the Star Destroyer take charge of your Star Wars collection!

Build a Galaxy Far, Far Away with Mould King Star Wars Sets!

If you are a Star Wars enthusiast and love the challenges of building your ships and vehicles, you won’t find better assets than the Mould King Star Wars Sets. Create your universe the way you want and reap the rewards of these detailed pieces.