Kirvet’s classic cars

Ever wondered why Lego® never released that specific set you’ve been waiting for for years? So do thousands of builders. And they’ve gathered on ReBrickable to share their amazing own creations, with instructions. For you to purchase.

One specific designer on ReBrickable focuses on creating construction plans for the most iconic classic cars. And we can’t help but to be awed by all of them. This specific user is called Kirvet and has 454 builds for sale at the moment of writing. If you like your classic cars, make sure to go check it out.

These are our five favorite sets

MOC – 75884 Gt Fastback

Cost: $ 2,00 at ReBrickable

MOC – 10265 Porsche 911

Cost: $ 8,50 at ReBrickable

MOC – 10258 Belvedere Hardtop Coupe

Cost: $ 8,00 at ReBrickable

MOC – 10265 Beast

Cost: $ 5,00 at ReBrickable

MOC – 10258 Mini Cooper

Cost: Totally free at ReBrickable!

Happy building!