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Why Mould King Bricks?

Mould King is without a doubt the world’s leading alternative to Lego brick sets. The company offers very high quality and comes in endless variations and sets. Whether you’re looking for Mould King Star Wars sets or large technical constructions. Mould King Bricks Store has it all!

What is Mould King?

Mould King is a Lego clone – a manufacturer of construction blocks which is fully compatible with Lego and/or other brick sets. Originally patented as “toy building blocks”, Mould King – and the likes – are mostly bought by adults because of their complex and amazing sets. Mould King has taken the Lego concept and built on it to create the most stunning Star Wars, Technics and City brick sets. Other brands to be found on this page are Cada, Xingbao and Yeshin – all manufacturers of the same quality brick sets as Mould King Bricks.

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About Mould King Bricks

Mould King Bricks was established in 2012 in “China Toy Reward Metropolis – Chenghai”. It’s an exhaustive toy maker that comes with toy modern work, creation and offers. The corporate presently has a normalized creation line of 30,000 sq. meters and an astute bundling workshop for accomplished objects, and has free modern work, construction and creation skills, simply as senior designing modern work innovation.

With Mould King toys inside and outside participation making ready crops have quite a few lengthy stretches of unfamiliar change dealing with expertise. All have ISO14001 pure administration framework affirmation and ISO 9001 high quality administration framework accreditation. The brand is mostly famous for it’s large line of Mould King Star Wars sets.

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